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Elevate Festival - Venues


The Orpheum, located in the middle of the up-and-coming Graz art and design quarter "Lend", has a very specific flair.
This results from the mixture of the sixties equipment of the foyer with the most current programs from the domestic cabaret and the international pop / rock scene.
Opened in 1899 as a variety theater "Orpheum", it was later cinema, then the Graz "House of Youth". Even today, the Orpheum attracts audiences of all ages. The unique is the in-house program, which is explicitly aimed at a young audience.

Dom im Berg

Due to its unique architecture the Dom im Berg is probably the most original venue in Graz. It is located right in the heart of the old town of Graz inside the Schossberg. 

The idea to build a multi-functional art space inside the rock, was implemented in 1999 and opened at the National Exhibition in 2000. 

A total area of 733 square meters and a height of 11 meters provide the perfect space for diverse events, from concerts of all styles over meetings, balls, theatrical performances, to clubbing, complex corporate presentations and customer receptions.


An imperial place of rest next to the Dom. Turquoise domes stand out against the blue sky above the Mausoleum and, together with the Dom and Katharinenkirche church, define one of the city’s magnificent views. You could almost have been whisked away to the lands to the south, given how this ensemble enchants any visitor with more than just a hint of Florentine flair. Here in Graz, Emperor Ferdinand II had his court artist Giovanni Pietro de Pomis lay out the impressive tomb.


The Heimatsaal in the Volkskundemuseum am Paulustor in Graz has been the venue for the Elevate Festival's discourse programme since 2022. Following its complete redesign and refurbishment in May 2021, the Heimatsaal offers a unique environment for intellectual discussions and cultural exchange.

The neighbouring garden at the foot of the Schloßberg expands the possibilities of the Heimatsaal and offers an inviting outdoor space for breaks and networking during the festival.


This venue is located inside the tunnel system of Schlossberg and situated close to Dom im Berg. The old galleries had been used to exhibit artwork of the “Mountain of Memories” in 2003.

The Location is divided into two parts: The entrance area with a comfy launche to chill out and the rear, where one can directly dunk into the soundcloud.

Forum Stadtpark

International platform for production and representation in the areas of phenomenology, cultural techniques, reflexion, construction, expression and rock.

Address: Stadtpark 1, 8010 Graz


This café in the heart of the Stadtpark is the meeting point for young people: artists, students, young mothers and dog owners, here they all come together to spend summer evenings listening to hip, non-commercial music.

Address: Stadtpark 2, 8010 Graz


The Kombüse in Graz, originally a snack bar, has evolved into a legendary hotspot for night owls. The wooden hut even gained recognition in the New York Times in 2014. With its anarchic atmosphere and a soundtrack provided by underground DJs, the Kombüse is not just a culinary meeting point but also a symbol of Graz's subcultural scene.

Aiola Upstairs

The aiola upstairs above the rooftops of Graz is the exclusive venue for DJ sets at the Elevate Festival. The Schlossberg lift takes you quickly to the top of the Schlossberg, where you can enjoy breathtaking views late into the night.

Gatto im Museum

At Gatto im Museum, Italian-Venetian and Styrian influences merge to create an eclectic gastronomic experience. Not only culinary delights come together here, but also art, music and cabaret. The dance floor invites you to dance casually at a later hour, accompanied by DJ sessions and occasional concerts. The Gatto was unofficially opened for the Elevate Festival in 2023 and has been catering for visitors during the festival ever since.


Pictures + Text (c) Graz Tourismus / Steiermark Tourismus, Stadt Graz Liegenschaftsverwaltung, Forum Stadtpark, Christoph Krammer (Parkhouse)